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Patricia was a single mother of two, in the depths of despair, when she was in a car accident in London. But death was nothing like what she had imagined. During the experience, she was fully conscious, fully alive, and filled with love to the millionth power. It was the love and the peace she had longed for, for a lifetime.

When she returned to this life to care for her sons, Patricia was forced to re-evaluate everything she thought she knew about life, death, heaven and where truth and power truly resides...The experience for Patricia was the beginning of a new life, though it did not seem possible at the time. After the accident in London, Patricia returned to the U.S. and began to receive guidance that would lead her out of the tragedy and loss she had experienced before the accident, the longing for the love to the millionth power she had during the accident, and to those great beings who would assist her on the generation of the books she was to write, and to survival itself. Among them was the remarkable McArthur family, including Charlotte McArthur, who assisted Patricia with The Immortal Now, and Barbara McCormick. The story of the period after the accident is truly a story of love, salvation, and soul mates, as the writing had promised. Patricia chronicled it in her book, Love to the Millionth Power: A Woman's Journey from Death, to Love to the Immortal Now, Patricia, raised in Montana with a Master’s degree in education, is the mother of three sons: Chris, Tim and, the youngest, Rob, who was born at the end of the generation of the first book, and now a proud grandmother.

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Christine was led to Livingston, Montana, and began a relationship with Patricia Grabow that led to her assisting with The Immortal Now. It is prayer, growth, giving, and kindness that have been characteristic of the Christine that had emerged from chrysalis of an adult life that began with being a gospel singer and mother and led to both the highs and lows of a life intensely lived. Christine, originally from Washington State, has lived her life as a counselor with a degree in the area, a seeker, and as Patricia is fond of saying, “a prayer-warrior and healer,” mother, wife, and to the gratitude of all involved, the manager of a local soup kitchen—whatever service is needed of her. Christine is the mother of two children and grandmother of five.


For those who knew Charlotte McArthur, the consensus is that there are few words to describe this loving, intelligent, spiritual woman. Patricia was led to Charlotte and her family six months after the accident in London and Patricia’s near death experience. Charlotte and her family were instrumental in saving Patricia’s life and nurturing the generation of the first two books. Charlotte remained true to the guidance she had received all of her adult life and at the vigorous age of 92 again assisted Patricia, as lovingly directed, with The Immortal Now. Among Charlotte McArthur’s great accomplishments was support for her family and her appreciative extended family, all of whom flourished in her enfolding and Spirit-driven presence. Charlotte’s husband, Bruce, worked on Universal Laws derived from the work of Edgar Cayce and Bruce’s book, Your Life expounded on them. Bruce and Charlotte were involved in various ways with the ARE, Association for Research and Enlightenment, for decades where Bruce had served on the board of directors. Bruce collaborated with his son, David, on the book, The Intelligent Heart, a book that incorporated David’s work with Heartmath research and tools and Bruce’s work on Universal Laws. Charlotte met and married Bruce during WWII. Charlotte trained with a Master’s Degree in nursing and taught pediatric nursing at Western Reserve University. Bruce and Charlotte had three gifted children, David, Sue, and Thomas, grandchildren, and great grandchildren – all of whom would enthusiastically say that one of the greatest gifts in their lives was Charlotte’s loving presence.

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