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What Happens When You Die?

What if you died and discovered you were fully alive, filled with love to the millionth power?

What if that love is the source of truth and peace you had always longed for? What if that love is with you always?

Patricia Grabow, a single mother of two in desperate circumstances, died in a car accident in London. In this awe-inspiring true story, Patricia takes you through her near-death experience and her startling discovery of the love and peace she had been seeking, and the remarkable guidance that transformed her and led her out of fear and tragedy to a joy-filled, purposeful life she hardly could have imagined.



The companion book to Love to the Millionth Power, filled with powerful revelations that shatter our beliefs about time, death and where truth and power truly resides. A call to action to connect with, and live from the powerful truth and love within the heart.

A revolutionary work that challenges your mind,
shatters your beliefs, and inspires you to live
from the deep truth within your heart,
within The Immortal Now.

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Break out of the eggshell of a World of Fear to discover the Power of Love!


It is not so much New Age as it is ageless, directed to our generation as channeled prophesy through near-death survivor, Patricia Grabow, to help us understand the events of the next 100 years. It is preparing us for an enormous and imminent change, from the World of Fear to the World of Love, a universal paradigm shift within each individual.

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Is humanity facing Armageddon or entering into the greatest renaissance period ever known? Break out of the eggshell of a World of Fear to discover the Power of Love. "Moving into love is moving into lack of limitation in any form. It exists within the heart. It exists without time, without belief systems, without 'eternity,' without any kind of limitation put on it. It exists in the present." As you leave the World of Fear, you emerge into the World of Power. Passage from Fear by Patricia Grabow is a channeled prophesy intended to help us understand the events of the next 100 years. "What would our world be like if we all stopped trying to be who we think the world wants us to be and let ourselves be the powerful, loving creations we truly are? Read this book and let's go there together." --Kendall Larson, Minister

Love to the Millionth Power
The Immortal Now
Passage from Kama
Passage from Fear
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