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This is not the book you might have expected on Climate Change.

Climate Change: The Healing ultimately may be the only truly hopeful book on the crisis we’re going through, because hope is born of what is being said that the language-laden conscious mind cannot grasp.

The title, Climate Change: The Healing, says in one simple sentence that life is saving life in a way that conscious systems of thought simply cannot.

This book is a channeled work by a near-death survivor. Yes, it did not come from my conscious self, but it did come from my connection with what I call “love to the millionth power” that I experienced when I died. I know your reaction to the thought of a channeled work may be to put this book down. I understand.

But if you decide to put the book down, you might be missing a solution you had never thought of. Isn’t climate change a serious enough topic, with few apparent solutions, not to give this book a shot?

The conscious mind is not all there is. I remember. I watched my son, Rob, heal from a broken femur in a sledding accident. He was in the first grade, and I was teaching in a school in Holy Cross, Alaska, a small village on the Yukon River, and we had to medivac
him to treatment. We flew from Holy Cross to Bethel in a small plane and then took up six seats to accommodate his “basket”on a jet to Anchorage, where we finally had the break treated. I cannot even tell you how terrified both he and I were throughout the flights.

Then the healing began, slowly. I always thought you would set the bones in their normal position and they would rejoin. But my conscious solution to the broken bone wasn’t even close to the intelligence that life had created for its Rob. Instead, the bones rebuilt themselves as they had been created originally. Every cell in my son’s femur was rebuilt inside his leg, with all the messaging coming from within his being. It took time, but when the healing was complete, Rob did not have the jerry-rigged system I had expected. The bone, when finally healed, was as though there never had been a break. The femur had reconstructed itself, and without that reconstruction, the healing might not have lasted, and it all took place within Rob, with the life that healed itself.

So, again, here’s the analogy: the simple truth is that, with climate change, life is saving life.

There are concepts in the book about climate change that seldom are articulated. Climate Change: The Healing says, for example, that beauty is a component of healing. The book says, “There is the beauty of the earth and it is undeniable as one experiences it. It is the shadow of the sunlight. The beauty of the water . . . it is the beauty of all things, because all things contain that beauty as integral to their being, so the tree on the mountainside is not aware that it is creating a beautiful picture from the valley. It is beautiful of its own nature, so it only lives within the beauty of its own being and it does not know how it creates a whole that is stunning in color, in form and in its own transcendence.

Simply put, the life that is love is saving life. Human conscious systems cannot. Period. This book says, “The conscious process becomes political and divided, and that is not the nature of beauty.”

This book argues that climate change that is happening, or already has happened, happens in love, and the results actually are visible beauty, not because the individual makes it so consciously. It happens within itself, like the shadow of the sunlight or the ripple of the water. Life has responded to the need for climate change, not jerry-rigging a planet with scars of neglect and abuse, but by going within itself and healing, using its own nature, which is love, beauty and the truth of being.

I had a huge plant that fell, and what survived was only a part of what there was in its heyday. It had lost some of its leaves and now was long and narrow, where before its branches had spread out beautifully. I kept thinking that the plant should spread out to where it would look fuller, like before. Instead, the plant began to grow tendrils. You could almost see the plant sense where the sun, the source of energy essential to its healing, was during the day. The plant had determined from within where it was to grow. With what was guiding it from within—the intelligence that loved the sun—it became a beautiful, balanced plant again. What I felt it should do was not the intelligence the plant used to heal itself. All of the healing and flourishing of that plant came from within itself, not from without. The healing of the plant came from the nature of the plant, not from my ideas of what should happen. I didn’t even know of the tendrils it used so aptly.

This book describes the climate of the earth as “almost like a membrane surrounding the earth. But when one looks at the membrane as love and spiritual mass, as opposed to material mass, and as existing everywhere at once, one begins to see what is considered to be climate. It is not what you think it is. It is not what you—through your eyes and your five senses and the multiple senses beyond that—see. You begin to see what Patricia [I] experienced when she died, you will begin to see what is meant by climate.”

So, you see that there is no healing without love and the beauty and joy that healing comes from within.

Love itself is what is creating the healing of climate change, and the result is the harmony and beauty and perfection that is in love itself. So, give this book a chance to speak to you wherever you might find truth in it.

Love, like truth, has no limits to where it can be found. It cannot be described, because consciousness language has put us as the observers, rather than the participants in life that we all are. The earth is like that bone or the plant healing. It is healing from within, with love and beauty and its original functionality. Our poor powers of observing and not participating in are too simple. They do not grasp how climate change is actually occurring. This book  explains it in its own way.

One of the most interesting ideas is that we, as life, are making a transition from fear to love. The books that I have written began with my near-death experience in 1980 and were meant to prepare humanity for the events of the next 100 years. I consider Climate Change: The Healing as the most important of those works. The secretary to the Dalai Lama, Chhime R. Chhoekyapa, called this book “wonderful” and went on to say that his holiness considers climate change to be the most serious issue that affects all of seven billion human beings who live on this planet. The book describes what humanity is going through now, like the chicken growing inside the egg. When it is ready, the chicken develops an egg tooth that breaks what it thought was the whole world and discovers, miraculously, a world outside of the egg it thought was the universe. In this book, the elements that have no definition but are unlimited in their presence, scope and limitless power, like truth and love, are changing the climate. The results are the healing that reflect their beauty, like the stunning beauty of the mountain when it heals from within.

This is the greatest  renaissance that has ever been experienced by humankind. There is nothing even close to it in human history, and the books are leading the way for humankind to see what is happening. That does not mean that slogging through it will be easy, but it will be worth it always in moments.

So, this book is at least worth a perusal. The world needs desperately the wisdom and hope it gives us all.
Life is saving life.
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