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  • Patricia Grabow

Guidance Session 1/2/09

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

You will see that there is much to be understood at this point because if you do not do the sessions, you will not understand the complexity of what you are going through right now.  It is important for YOU to see, not necessarily for others, but for YOU to see that the ascension is occurring. It is important to see the nuances of meaning of events in your lives. The ascension is being minimized at this point, yet that is all that is happening. There is nothing else. It is being characterized as Armageddon or other fear based concepts, but that is not what is happening and it is important that Patricia create the web site, that she get out there, that the blog exists—that these ideas get across the planet. It is important that the reach is global. It cannot be limited to even personal presentations, though those will happen. It is necessary that the site reach—be placed in a position on the web where it is easily accessible. It is important that Patricia email, literally, thousands of places at this point (Christine: “Yes”) and include a copy of the book with those emails. It is important that Patricia spend at least five hours a day on the books at this point. It is not necessary for Patricia to leave until it is time to go to Walnut Creek. She can work five hours a day on the web site, and the books, and emailing and getting the word out before she takes off.  It is necessary for her to finish her work at the building, but that is almost entirely complete and it is now time for her to truly work as though it were a full time job on the books at this point.  The city is taken care of. All of the things that have been put into place will take root and grow. It is not up to Patricia to spend time on the things she has planted. There are others who will water it. But, it is important that these books get across the planet at this point and the means by which that will happen is the web. It is helpful for Christine once she gets the blog running because it is something she will enjoy. The concern about the earthquakes is valid. It is a time of great importance right now. This next month is of great importance so it is important that the focus be entirely on the books. Rosie will help as well. She too is reluctant, but knows that she will be of great help metaphysically. She is a very powerful being who will be of enormous support to endeavor. There will money coming from a source that has not been perceived yet. That will be helpful. Patricia will contact all of the Unity ministers across the planet and send a copy of the book. You will see that Patricia longs to be with her children, but her time must be spent on this work. It is unique that this gift has been given and it is very important to others at this time. You will meet again next week and continue with the sessions. It is a form of metaphysical support for all of you…and a bonus.  You are great beings. It is difficult for you to understand the role you are to play, but it is of great, great importance to the world at this point.

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