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  • Patricia Grabow

Guidance Session 1/23/09

Patricia Grabow with Christine Kauffman assisting

Questions per discussion:

What is time? Is there a difference between cosmic time and time as we see it? (Dan Murray)

Is time monitored by the brain?

Can you describe how the veil is lifted as referred to in the book?

Why does my heart heat up with some people, and not others?  (Christine Kauffman)

What about the talk to the Unity Center in Walnut Creek



You will see that what is perceived of as “time” is like a picture that is painted by conscious thought. It is not what exists. It is a painting—a projection on the mirror—a creation. The connection among all beings is what gives it credence because it is a collective painting, therefore, the painting seems real like a painting of a tree seems real, but, in reality, the tree exists within the tree, within the life of the tree. The painting of the tree is the symbolism.  When you connect with the life of a tree, it is a different thing.  It exists with love.  It is connection with the tree within the present. The credibility of the painting on the tree is there because of the existence of the life, the being, the truth of the tree itself.

It is not monitored by the brain. The being is the creator.  There is a difference.  And, it is impossible to truly understand that until it is experienced directly.

As “the veil lifts” it means that the symbolism becomes less and less important. The connection with the reality of the tree becomes more and more important, until all that exists is the connection with the tree itself and the painting on the mirror, of the tree, is not important. It loses its priority in your life. It loses its proximation. You become less interested in the painting and you become more interested in the heart connection with the tree or anything else that is life itself. That is why the issue of abortion has become an issue—because humanity is moving from the image of the child to the reality of the child. Reality is life. Reality is love. Reality is being, not the social system in which the child will be born or whether or not the child can be provided for. What matters is the relationship with the being.  This is happening very, very rapidly. It is hard to imagine how quickly it is happening and how universally it is happening, but it is universal and exceptionally rapid at this point.

The warming of the heart is the connection with the being—the core, the spirit, the presence.  It is the soul-mate connection. It does not mean that you do not love others who are not your soul mates. It means that you are part of them. They are part of you. It is boundless. The temptation is to limit the relationship with others because they are not soul mates. That is not the nature of the soul mate connection. It is an integrated whole. What happens when Patricia goes to California is the nurturing that goes on within the group under the guidance of David, with Patricia, with the presence of Charlotte and Bruce, and Thomas, and Rosie, and the soul mate connection is actually a huge connection that is taking place and what it does is it creates in a group an awareness. It is like a group becomes uplifted and ascended for that moment in which the work is being done. They come from the meeting with a sense of love and joy, but what is happened in the meeting, collectively, is they have been taken into the presence of the Presence. There will be five people there who have especially understood what is going on. Those five will become leaders for what is called the workbook, but that is not what is happening. What is happening is a multi-level understanding and connection that will take place. It can be put in words, which will help others to understand, but what is happening in the ascension is the essence of being, not the image on the mirror. What happens within the web site that is so very important, again, is the same essence of being. It is actually contained within the web site so that when people log on to the forum, when they log on to the web site, when they explore the books, they connect with what has been the prayers, the meditation, the direction, the peace of the ages.  All of those who have gone before, who have prayed for the ascension, who prayed for the second coming, who prayed for that moment of enlightenment, actually within the present experience—that within the forum, within the web site. So it is not just a simple, commercial web site. It is actually a huge, global experience that is taking place. You understand this and will rejoice in it. A great deal of what Patricia will do on this trip is simply prayer, as with Christine, as with Rosie, as with David, as with the work that is being done. It is not work, but it is the work of the ascension. It is the connection with the tree. It is the connection with life itself.It is happening globally, quickly. Those who taught about the year 2012 do not understand the symbolism of 2012. It is not the end of the world in 2012.  It is important that globally, within the web site, within the world it is understood that 2012 means the ascension where the painting becomes unimportant where life is all there is. Then one is lost in the present. One is connected to the present.  One is connected to love. One is connected to the heart and there is nothing else. It is what Patricia experienced when she died, what Christine experienced, the soul mate connection. It is all that really matters.

You will meet again on Monday, but you will not be separated on this journey. You are at one and at peace.

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