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Guidance Session 2/2/09

Christine Kauffman and Patricia Grabow

Re:  Guidance sessions included on web page

Up-coming Talk with Unity of Walnut Creek

There is much to understand at this point and it will important to continue with guidance sessions when Patricia returns to Livingston. You will be guided on which guidance sessions could be put on web site and which ones could not. There are some that are applicable to all and some that are applicable to guidance and the personal guidance is not important for others. There is much to look forward to at this point. There is the outspreading of the message that is in the book. It will start slowly and then move very, very quickly once it catches on. It is important that Patricia contact all of the Unity churches in California  and tell them that she is available and have it come as a letter signed by David McArthur as well.  His endorsement means a great deal at this point.

The more that David reads the book, the more that he loves the work and his heart is filled with gratitude that his mother was involved with this work. She is with us all at this point.  She is not limited, nor has she ever been limited.

The sessions you will have in Walnut Creek will be, in a sense, a model for other sessions.  It will be as Patricia has planned to some degree and then there will be focus on a given chapter. The chapter that will be discussed at length at David’s church is the “Earth Changes” chapter. It also allows those who are there to see what is being said—what it’s meaning of the book is and each will interpret it in their own way.

You will not worry about the money. It will come in ways you still do not anticipate.

There is so very much support for this project, it is difficult for you to understand the depth and breadth and height and might and majesty of this work. It is simply the most God-like, expansive work in existence at this time. It has meaning has meaning within its own meaning and flows inwardly and outwardly. The prayerful work that has gone into this work is simply a drop into the ocean to the prayerful work that has gone into the entire ascension process.

You will remain in close contact throughout this entire period, my beloved.

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