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  • Patricia Grabow

Guidance Session 6/19/15

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

You will see that you will have all you need. You will use the light and be able to help Christine. You will see that it is the time of great change, of great shift, of great and powerful dimensions much like a Grand Canyon of emotions, a Grand Canyon of discovery, a Grand Canyon peace as well. So it is not an easy time. It is a difficult time. You will see that Christine will survive. She will become what she must become. She will become more and more active socially and internationally and you will become extremely active as well. You will become not only a local leader, but an international leader within the area of thought. The way is clear for all of you to do what you must. Rob will become a famous actor. He will become well known across the planet—as will you. It is not a time of being shy, or quiet, or not saying what must be said or not expressing what must be expressed. It is a time of great communication, of great thought, of great being. The community of Livingston recognizes that in you and understands that the only way they will survive is to listen to that great being—as does humanity.

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