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  • Patricia Grabow

Guidance Session on 12/25/09

Christine Kauffman and Patricia Grabow

(Patricia is recuperating from surgery performed December 21, 2009.  Children and grandchild gathered in California)

There is much to understand right now—much more than you do at this point. There is cosmic time. There is cosmic love. There is cosmic truth. It is so massive that if you try to conceive of the universe, it is only part of a part of an atom. It is nothing compared with the massive consciousness that you are dealing with here so that it is difficult to do anything, but to pray. It is so huge and you are a part of that. It does not mean that you are not doing as you should. You are doing exactly as you should. It is just that you will pray, and that lifting up will allow you to see the details and the large picture at the same time. You see visually at this point. What you see is the heart. The heart is different from the visual image so much more than the visual image, there is no comparison. It is like taking a snapshot of part of a flower and assuming that that is a mountain. It is not.  What is happening with all of those who are involved in the “One Power” is they are being called to each other. They are literally being magnetically pulled to each other. They are finding each other across the planet, across the world, across the cosmos, across time, across space, across ideas to the point where now is the ascension—THE ASCENSION. The interaction between Christine and Patricia is unique. It is indivisible. It is without time and space—and Matthew and Christine, and Rosie and Patricia, Chris and Tim and Tiger and all of those around are magnetically being pulled together—including the McArthurs. You will start with a single step. That is all you have to take—one step—then you will take as second step, then you will take another step and that is all you have to focus on like someone crossing a cavern and knowing below is the river and there might be danger and there might be many things, but all you have to do is focus on what you are doing and it will happen. The gall bladder is only indicative of the call to action that Patricia knows she must engage in—one—step—at—a—time. You will do other sessions while Patricia is still here. It is the glorious Christmas, that is, the coming of the consciousness that is within the Present. There is no past. There are no Christmases past. There no birth. There is no death. There is only the now. There is only the presence of the Presence. That is what Christmas is.

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