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  • Patricia Grabow

Guidance 1/10/09

Patricia Grabow and Christine Kauffman

You will see that the entire planet is covered with the ascension.  It is filling all time, all space, all fear, all passion, all sadness.  It is permeating everything. It is not something that you can consciously see, but it is moving very, very rapidly in all areas of human endeavor.  The system of fear, the paradigm of fear, the theological base of fear, fear itself is dissipating and it is giving away to the joy that comes with the peace that comes with your core It is who you are. It is what you are. It is without dualism. It is without opposites. It is without yin/yang.  It is without all of those things that have come into place as a system. It is happening on a national level in terms of the financial systems as well. You will see that they are transforming themselves.  It is not a recession. It is a system transformation and the systems of fear and greed and malice and unkindness are dissipating and generosity and fairness are coming into being. It is not because of a president or a group of people. It is happening from a groundswell. It is happening because the veil has lifted. That is why it is so very important at this point that the books get out—that the blog, that the discussions exist—that the individuals see that what is in the book is simply the truth. It is simply what is happening.  The books are like a condensation of all that information into one focal point. The issue of the abortion clinic, again, is a system of fear that will dissipate. It will dissolve. But, it is so very important, at this point, that energy be directed towards getting the books out at this point. Rob can help. Chris can help. Rosie can help—Christine, Dan—all of those who have been called to help—David McArthur. Thomas McArthur can help at this point, but he does not yet see how.  He will do a film on this book—conceptually, but he does understand yet, but funding will come to that. It is a question of, on a daily basis, meditating and having the book permeate the entire planet. And, all of those who are involved—from Dan to Rosie to Christine to Patricia need to do that every day, just for a short period of time—visualize the whole process.

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