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Guidance Session 11/2/08

Guidance Session

November 25, 2008

Patricia Grabow assisted by Christine Kauffman

You will see that the experience that you are having is universal. It is like there is a huge aura around the planet with you in it and everyone is experiencing the same experience, but in an individual way so that the letting go is what is happening on many levels. You are letting go of the limits of this plane of existence and on other planes as well. It is not just limited to this experience. It is truly free. You are being freed of that which you thought was necessary. It is the chaff and the wheat. It is the wheat is staying and the chaff is going and it is not within your control. You will be guided every step of the way and you allow the others in this plane of existence to see the books because the books are multi-level, multi-dimensional and on many levels so that when people read the books, they read on many levels and many dimensions. That is the purpose of the book, physically, getting out in the hands of others, but it is not up to you to find a way to do that right now. That is a burden that Patricia is carrying right now, but it is not her burden. It has already happened in way that she will only experience. She does not have that responsibility in any way.She needs to pray.  She needs to communicate. She needs to enjoy the company of those she loves and you need to continue to do the sessions. It is a time of amazing joy. This is the time of enlightenment. This is what enlightenment is like. You are exploring the dimensions of enlightenment like a child who is exploring a beautiful field of flowers. That is what you are doing at this point and the other things are not important. All of those beings that you love are part of that. It is expanding almost exponentially. It is expanding at an enormous rate.  It is accelerating. You will use the light and allow the guidance that you need to come to you. You will not think that it is up to you.

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