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  • Patricia Grabow

Guidance Session 5/9/15

You will see that there is much for you to understand at this point. It is not necessary for you to be with Christine. You are with her in spirit so she doesn’t have to be present with you.  Her support is there and it is something that you cannot quite understand. It is the work of the soul mate at another level. You will see the book covers are evolving quickly and will be acceptable. It is important that the design that the Cheryl (Depuy) did go on the front and also on the title. It will work out in ways you do not see yet. The concepts are good, but it needs to be less personal and more symbolic. The use of the woman in the first book is lovely, but is not what is needed. It can be symbolism and can have Cheryl’s design it, for example, you could have a tree or a mountain itself or you could have another item, but it important that it no be limited to human life. The concept of using the earth in the second cover is very good. It is something that gives the sense of what the books are talking about because the books are so immense in their understanding. It is not limited to the earth. It is not limited to sky. It is not limited to grass. It is not limited to human life. It is love. LOVE IS NOT LIMITED. Love in the present time is all that exists and this concept, at this point, is beyond understanding, but it exists. And so the work of the books is to open that door—is to be the egg tooth so that the chicken can come out to what does exist—which is unlimited. Moving into love is moving into lack of limitation in any form. It exists in and of itself. It exists within the heart. It exists without time, without belief systems, without “eternity”, without any kind of limitation put on it. It exists in the present. It is important that Patricia continues work that she has been led to do. She feels obligated to the community of Livingston, but she is not. She has done the work with the community of Livingston on all kind of levels and they “get” what she has been saying now. The city manager will move on now. You will be able to do sessions whenever you feel what is essentially a “download”—which is essentially a necessity to do them. You will feel that from within you and you will continue to use the light and will think of Christine, and her daughter, and her granddaughter, and Matthew, and Tim and Chris and Rob and David all of that wide, unlimited sense of love that exists among all of you and let it be free. Let it be happy. Let it be joyous. Let it find itself within itself. You will continue to meditate as you feel you must.

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